I bought some Owens Corning 703. Now what?

I'm investigating the acoustics of my room. I have been doing REW scans and analyzing them with the help of a member here. I've played with sub and speaker positioning and settings to see how this affects measurement and what it sounds like. I've reached out to GIK Acoustics to get their advice.

But, because I wanted to just try some experiments before (possibly) spending a lot with GIK and/or other companies, I bought 6 OC 703 panels (2" x 24" x 48") to try, temporarily around my room, singly or in combination. I might even make my own panels if that seems worthwhile.

My question is: What are some useful experiments to do with the panels and where in the measurements might I see some changes?

Again, this is not to replace getting expert help; this is a way for me to start to learn by interactive experience how my room is affecting the sound. So, good things to try?
@cymbop I love your fabric choice! Groovy, a la 1968! And a great system and room. I have just wrapped mine in fabric, too, and they are quite sturdy. I'm not going to bother with wood frames, yet. We'll see if they sag as bad as I'm sagging.
UPDATE: I've had great success with some DIY OC 703 panels that I made into 2" and 4" panels. Thing is, they cost nearly $110 to buy (6 of them) and shipping was 40% of the cost! I was in Home Depot yesterday, and they don't carry these panels.

I'm wondering if anyone has had luck procuring these or similar acoustic-oriented panels locally and avoided the shipping surcharge?

Funny this is your most recent post.  Because 2 days ago on 2.27 I was in Home Depot looking for 703.  I will try Lowes next and then other local building suppliers.  Will let you know if I find it at a lower price than online.  I just thought of a guy in the insulation business that I can call.
@rc22 yes, your best bet is to call local commercial/industrial insulation companies and ask for semi-rigid fiberglass.
When I was building panels for my room, I had contacted GIK and they suggested I go with the Knauf Insulation. This is what they use in their panels as well and is brown in color. 2 feet by 4 feet. They have a DIY section on their website and you can buy it from there.