I can't stop listening on my headphones.

Lately I've been doing more and more listening on my HD600's rather than my main system (Martin Logan Aeons with CJ Premier 18 / MF2500). There seem to be many advantages:

1. I can listen at high SPL's without bothering anyone.

2. The acoustics of the room are out of the equation.

3. Single driver coherence - no crossover.

What do you guys think? Loren.
You should check out http://www.head-fi.org to learn more about all things headphone related. There are bunch of great people over there, very similar to Audiogon in terms of the friendly banter.
What headphone amp are you using? And for comparison sake, what does your regular system look like for electronics?

I am interested in the same headphone, demoed the Creek amp, and was not impressed, so looking for suggestions.
I've had the same experience recently, excepting it was with a pair of Etymotice ER-4S! Sounds great and I can listen to classical late at night without disturbing others. Normally the dynamics are too great and if I turn it up loud enough to hear the soft parts the loud parts wake my wife. Enter the Ety's -> Problem solved. I would also recommend Head-Fi, it's a great place for headphone enthusiasts!

Ehart - Check out Head-Fi also, there are a lot of amps available in any price range you're looking for. And you'll be amazed how cheap the gear seems after playing here!