I could cry

That damn cat. It finally happened to me. The cat got locked in my storage room with my several hundred albums. Yep you guessed it. What a mess. Should I kill the cat ?
Anyone that would even think of killing a Cat over albums or stereo equipment is an asshole that deserves to be locked up, and watch someone take a torch to all of their equipment.
The glass is half full, not half empty. Thank the cat for giving you an excuse to buy new stuff.
One day, at my wife command, I took the garbage out to the garage while my Goldmund Studio was running with my Urushi Black. I returned to the house and it was in total silence. My son dropped a ball on my TT and broke the Urushi. It actually took me 2 min before I decide to spare his life. Now 4 years later, my son is still my son, the broken Urushi still broken. So here you go if there is any consolation. So, take 5, you might come to the right decision.
Time to teach the feline some music appreciation. May I suggest for some heavy rotation, at 110 db SPL: Cat Scratch Fever