I Cried Today

I know what what I am about to say will not have any direct meaning to most of you reading this, but I cried today about a person I never met.  I repaired and upgraded this persons audio preamp and power amplifier.  He was suffering from cancer.  He wanted to do this for his son so that he could enjoy music like every person here does.  He shipped his components to me and they were recently returned.  The other day I found out that he passed a month ago from his illness.  We had many conversations about music and audio over the past several months.  I got to know him as a person.  He loved his family, and he loved music.  Although I never met him, I got to know him.  He was a fine human being, loved life, and was a fine gentleman.  I guess that is what life should be all about.

Anyway, I cried today knowing that John Hoffman is no longer on this earth and now he is with GOD.  I hope there is a fantastic audio system playing music for you to hear John.  Happy Listening and Rest in Peace.  



Wow! What a great post.

I come on all these forums and read. I always feel like there is so much hatred towards each other and our differences. I just wanted to say it is very refreshing to read something like this. It takes away just a little of my anger towards humanity. We need a lot more like this.

May God rest his soul. And may the family have piece and lots of great memories. 

I wish this forum allowed 'likes' or 'thumbs-up'. This thread would get as many as I was allowed to give.

Thanks for a letting me share in your sadness, your joy and your love of music.