I currently have a ARC ph-5 phono stage

Is it worth upgrading to the ph-6. My dealer says the 6 is alot smoother and more musical. Anyone hear the 6 before? anyone make the comparison?
Yes the PH-6 is a nice improvement from the PH-5. I own the PH-6 and a friend owns the PH-5. We have compared them side-by-side.

The PH-6 provides a much smoother, more refined sound versus the PH-5 with a deeper and better articulated soundstage. Lower noise floor, blacker background.

The PH-5 is a great phono stage. ARC has raised the bar considerably with the PH-6.
Why not just take your PH5 to the dealer who claims the PH6 is "smoother" and hear the two for yourself?