I’d appreciate opinions from RMAF 2017 Show attendees on the Elac Adante AF61

Hello all:

I didn’t have the opportunity to attend RMAF 2017 this year and I am very interested in the new Elac Adante AF-61 floor standing loudspeakers.  Of course I’ll find a means to audition before purchase but I did watch/listen to a couple of 4-5 minute internet show coverage videos. Allowing for poor audio quality of the show coverage videos, they sounded a bit strident or metallic in their upper mids and treble registers. Opinions would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

They were the best sounding speaker at the show. My reference is Quad 57's restored by Electrostatic Solutions, TAD Ref1, Rogers LS3/5A and OMA Mini's.
Over on A-Circle somebody characterized them as slightly soft, so even more than usual an in-person audition will be mandatory.
The best sounding speakers at the show by a long shot.  Nothing else came close really.  Could not find any fault with them.  Of course I like the sound of real music in real space which is what these speakers sound like.  Unfortunately many audiophiles prefer hi-fi spectacular the reason why most speakers sound so terrible.  Over blown boomy bass, strident highs and sucked out midrange.  Ah yes the perfect audiophile sound.  The Elacs sound nothing like this.  

Everything he has designed is well worth an audition. 

The only questions are whether you want to expand your budget, and whether you want a different set of compromises in your own room (e.g. used Maggie 3.7i vs. these, etc.). 
I would have to disagree with the harsh and strident complaints.I heard them at the show on the Friday and they sounded very good to my ears.
I am sure for someone of Mr Jone's expertise would design a bad sounding speaker. We all hear things differently and I would not pay $5000 ( I think they are) without a long listen with my own choice of music.