I did the right thing after all.

I had a post a few months ago where the title was "What did I do?" something like that.

I explained that I just sold Wilson Sophia II speakers and ordered a set of Tekton Moab to replace them.
I got the usual comment that I work for Tekton, I am stupid, I needed the money, don't know what I am doing, I will have to wait 12 weeks min to get the speakers, the speakers will be damaged when they arrive if ever.

I took all that with a grain of salt.  Some asked if I could share my results once I received the Moab. They wanted my opinion. I am not a technical writer or a reviewer. I am just a guy that has been buying and listening to HIFI since 1973. 

My first good system in 1974 was the JBL 100 Century, SAE power amp, Crown preamp, Thorens table with a Shure V15 type III cart.  That system would really sing.

OK, today I have a much better system:
Audio Research Ref 75 amp, Audio Research Ref 3 Pre, Wyred4Sound 10th Ann DAC, VIP Classic 1 table, Mac Mini Steaming Qobuz and Audiovarna.  CD transport playing through the W4S DAC.  High end cables throughout plus a PS Audio AC filter machine.

I figured it to be in the $50K range of replacement costs with new stuff.  The room is large with vaulted ceilings. Some treatments in the room.

So the Tekton speakers were delivered within a week due to a person that ordered them then cancelled. These were complete and sitting in the warehouse for 3 days when I called and ordered them.  I just got lucky.

I have been running them for about 1 month and I bet I have maybe 75 to 100 hours on them.  I am using Straight Wire Cadenza cables. You know why they call them straight wire?  Because they are so thick, you cannot bend them.

Anyway I was keep the speakers in the same position as the Wilson's. Not bad, sound is larger for sure.
Last week I moved away from my 9 feet listening position to about 15 feet from the speakers and about 7 feet from the back wall.   The speakers needed to be spread out a little more. The sound stage totally open up more, bass deeper and more of it. Everything is really good now.  

I streamed a few good recordings of Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. Ronnie's Telecaster is in the room. I have never experienced anything like that before.  Live recordings sound like I am in the hall. 

Your experiences will vary but I am in a perfect position right now. The only thing I have left to do is install my new phono pre-amp that is being delivered tomorrow, a Modwright 9.0X that I purchased from the Music Room. It is new not used.

I am so glad I sold those Wilson and made some money on the deal while I was at it. It allowed me to buy used Speaker cables that are up to the task with these Tekton's.


glad you found a speaker that you like, and as an added bonus, being able to pull some $ out of the gear in the process

there is always great joy in finding something that costs less and yet brings more enjoyment

many many speakers out there to choose from, and so much information, good and bad, about them... it is always nice to hear of audio enthusiasts navigating the terrain to locate what pleases them
The Wilson speakers I’ve heard were ok. Nothing special and especially nothing to warrant the hilarious prices they ask for them. 
The guy who runs Tekton seems like a jackass but I’ve yet to hear a speaker they make that didnt at least raise an eyebrow. I’dlm thrilled with my current speakers but Tekton makes A couple models I’d really like to hear. 
Disregard the swingers and fan boyz. Research what florets your boat and do it.
Well, now I have to say something. I have had 3 pairs of Wilson speakers over the years and they have been fabulous loud speakers! I currently enjoy Wilson Sasha DAWs with ARC and Luxman.

For years I raced Porsches in "driver's ed" and "club racing." Like Porsche 911s, although they may be a bit overpriced, there is nothing like Wilson speakers in my limited experience.
At RMAF 2019 I was really looking forward to visiting the Wilson room.
Well I'm not sure who set up the room but it was terrible and to make it even more amazing Daryl Wilson was there along with Mrs. Wilson (his mom) in an adjoining room with the new "Chrono".  The Chrono was not
hooked up and they only had one!

I spoke with both of them briefly and found them to very pleasant and gracious. There were several other Wilson "big shots" in the room who were not very pleasant at all.  A few Wilson catalogs were on a side table, so I picked one up to take a look and was sternly told to "put that down".

It was a ridiculous experience and I'm giving them every benefit of the doubt.  The room simply did not serve the company nor the speakers well.

Just to stay on topic, I visited the Tekton room and it was equally as poor.
Only stayed for a minute or two.  Again the room served those speakers
very poorly.

This post is about as believable as if someone who claims they  traded in Nordost Odin cable for Anti cable...no one would do that..just more shill bs