I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue

I love to listen to great podcast/interviews with great musicians. Last night i listened to Rick Beato interview Maynard from the great band Tool. Besides being a fantastic conversation, Maynard told Rick the two most influential albums for his music inspiration are Joni Mitchell Blue, and Black Sabbath's first self titled record.

I understand and love Black Sabbaths first record, but I have listened to JM Blue countless times and just don't understand what the hype is. Full disclosure I love female vocalists, and I also love Joni's  Court and a Spark. With that said I have heard many musicians rave about Blue. Please enlighten me-what am I missing ?

The other head scratcher for me is Exile on Main Street by the Stones. Again I have heard many musicians rave about this double album. I don't get it... Beggars Banquet-Let it Bleed-Sticky Fingers are so much better in my opinion, but just like Blue, It seems like musicians much prefer Exile on Main Street.

I know its all subjective...but these are two records I have never learned to appreciate. Thoughts ?


@grislybutter Yes.  
However, at least they wouldn’t have intellectual egg on their face by bending over backwards to portray themselves as exemplars of equality while having two separate categories. Not that modern Hollywood has much interest in intellectual honesty to begin with… 
I think there’s a reason why they have two, and that reason is why they are unlikely to change, cognitive dissonance be damned, and that reason is money.  
The industry each year gets twice as many “assets” to market and advertise.

@tylermunns on a serious note, the Oscars for a leading female awards a female playing a female (mostly, we aren't ancient Greece) and that should be recognized as a positive that women get to be written to be characters in movies and not just pretty faces and bodies to keep men from switching the channel. 

@bigtwin --I think you hit the nail on the head:  Professional musicians often hear music from a completely different perspective and appreciate aspects the general public doesn't.

I heard Court and Spark before i heard Blue so i like it better and rarely listen to Blue.  Same story with Let It Bleed vs. Exile.

But i too have often read from both pro musicians and music reviewers that Blue and Exile were seminal--sorry, don't get it.

As for the hijacking of this thread over a nonissue, just stop

Music is purely subjective. There are albums I dislike that are considered masterpieces- namely sgt. pepper and pet sounds- there are some good tracks but to me it’s not a masterpiece.   It’s an opinion not a flaw.  There is no right or wrong.