I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue

I love to listen to great podcast/interviews with great musicians. Last night i listened to Rick Beato interview Maynard from the great band Tool. Besides being a fantastic conversation, Maynard told Rick the two most influential albums for his music inspiration are Joni Mitchell Blue, and Black Sabbath's first self titled record.

I understand and love Black Sabbaths first record, but I have listened to JM Blue countless times and just don't understand what the hype is. Full disclosure I love female vocalists, and I also love Joni's  Court and a Spark. With that said I have heard many musicians rave about Blue. Please enlighten me-what am I missing ?

The other head scratcher for me is Exile on Main Street by the Stones. Again I have heard many musicians rave about this double album. I don't get it... Beggars Banquet-Let it Bleed-Sticky Fingers are so much better in my opinion, but just like Blue, It seems like musicians much prefer Exile on Main Street.

I know its all subjective...but these are two records I have never learned to appreciate. Thoughts ?


Borkum Riff??!

Sound like something Mr. Spock would say;

"Captain, we are now entering the Borkum Riff..."

EOMS was a grounbreaking release for rock music at the time much like Sergeant Pepper was earlier.   Both have some good songs.  SP holds together better from start to finish both musically and thematically.  But I have never been inclined to listen to entire EOMS from start to finish.   It was groundbreaking in its own way back then but not as engaging a listen as a whole anymore.   The production is dirty and murkey...one of the unique things about it at the time, and influences from various musical genres are present,  another unique thing at the time, but not so much anymore these days.  EOMS is more than ever a landmark  release but its overall appeal these days continues to be on the wane.

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i don't think exile is the greatest ever rock album (that honor, depending on my mood, might go to "ok computer" or "dark side of the moon" or "ziggy" or "the who sell out," among many others). however, i do think it's the greatest double album--except for "rip this joint", which i never cared for, there's not a duff track. "london calling" comes close, while "layla" should have been pared down to a single record.