I don't want to beat a dead horse but I'm bugged.

I just can't clear my head of this. I don't want to start a measurements vs listening war and I'd appreciate it if you guys don't, but I bought a Rogue Sphinx V3 as some of you may remember and have been enjoying it quite a bit. So, I head over to AVS and read Amir's review and he just rips it apart. But that's OK, measurements are measurements, that is not what bugs me. I learned in the early 70s that distortion numbers, etc, may not be that important to me. Then I read that he didn't even bother listening to the darn thing. That is what really bugs me. If something measures so poorly, wouldn't you want to correlate the measurements with what you hear? Do people still buy gear on measurements alone? I learned that can be a big mistake. I just don't get it, never have. Can anybody provide some insight to why some people are stuck on audio measurements? Help me package that so I can at least understand what they are thinking without dismissing them completely as a bunch of mislead sheep. 


I am certain I asked the question of @realworldaudio . Would it not be appropriate to let him/her answer?

It is a public thread discussion... And you accuse him of mob mentality...

You cannot accuse me of that mob mentality no?

I presented arguments... You dont want articulated arguments ?... You prefer mob mentality discussion with deluded audiophiles?

i apologize in this case...

In a discussion logic is a large two-way road that MANY people can take at the same time if it is not a mob mentality discussion for sure... i take the road...I apologize to you also for that anyway and to realworldaudio too ...But i am sure you like logic and he surely like logic too... We all hate mob mentality...

I am certain I asked the question of @realworldaudio . Would it not be appropriate to let him/her answer?






I thought it was well understood that measurements are a valid place to start from, but by no means the be-all-end-all.  Ears are.

People sometimes prefer the sound of things that are measurably “worse” than other things, i.e. analog vs. digital, tubes vs. solid state, etc.

I feel to keep oneself sane in pursuit of great sound, measurements provide consistent repeatable parameters, but not necessarily the final word, though perhaps sometimes they do.

Why does Amir's opinion matter so much?

Trust me when I say Amir's opinion does not matter to me at all, it carries zero weight for me. What this thread is about is trying to understand the mind set of people that only rely on measurements and not the sound of audio gear. However, thanx for posting and stimulating the conversation. I welcome all input.