I expected more from my speakers (not high end)

20+ years ago, I bought a system for music but probably more for blasting home theater. It sounded great for Saving Private Ryan. Well, Ive grown up and would like to get back to listening to music, preferably with reasonable sound quality. I dismissed the old Denon receiver, picked up an NAD c368 with an old bluray player for cds (I since bought a better player). My speakers which I always thought would be adequate are Paradigm Monitor 7 v1 and a 15' Velodyne sub. Im not impressed. Everything sounds kindof compressed although I think the sub blends in nicely. I know its all subjective but would a modest upgrade in speakers (say less that 2K) have the potential for significant improvement? I guess I could try to sell the Paradigms (although I am a little emotionally attached) - I have original packaging after all these years. The only part of the system that Im confident is adequate (other than the new amp) are the massive Tara Labs biwires. Ok starting to ramble. Id appreciate any thoughts. Thanks
I would look at some speakers that are fairly efficient.  The NAD is not happy with below 4 ohm also. You could have some room acoustic problems. This is a fairly cheap fix and worth  it.  Sometimes this isnt possible if it is a living room for example.

NAD C368 specifies 250W IHF dynamic power @ 2 Ohms, FYI.  Do I detect an anti-D bias, unfounded in measurable reality?
Are you using the NAD DAC or going in analog from the player?  Is the "better" player still a video disc machine?
General rule of thumb here, you get what you pay for.  Go to nearest dealer and audition speakers until you find something you like,then order it!
I decided to become a lurker but I appreciate the advice. I'll educate myself a bit and then, when Im ready, perhaps when the pandemic is under control, get out and start listening to some superior equipment. I have since picked up an Audiolab 6000N play and the 6000 CDT. I havent hooked up the CD yet but both are/will be connected using reasonable quality coax. The Paradigms I think are 90db sensitivity and 8 ohms. Its a living room and I have no idea what polarity means when it comes to speakers. I'll do some reading about crossover, phase and sub setup cause at this point, Im just winging it. Cheers
Back in the 70's when I was selling stereos the rule of thumb was that 80% of what your stereo would sound like is the speakers, I believe that is still true. If I were me, and I am... I would start visiting audio stores to see what sounds good to you. I have had very nice 2 channel speakers in a HT system and the movies did not suffer, on the other hand I have heard very few HT speakers sound good on a dedicated stereo.