Huell Howser's  PBS "California's Gold" show was a great way to get ideas for a "what to see/do" in the used to be great state of California.

I've seen that segment when it originally aired. 

It is awesome that he has a love for something and has mastered it rather than creating an internet post to rip someone else apart on something that he has no clue on how to perform. 

Artie Shaw was for years a nationally ranked match shooter.  Some might find that off-center.  Christopher Parkening, the great classical guitarist, was a ranked fly fisherman for many years and held masters classes in the sport in Montana.  It goes on and on.  It's okay.

Ironically,  shortly after I saw this, i was gifted a CD called Ultra Lounge, which has a track called "lonesome road" by Dean Elliott.  A truly spectacular achievement,  no matter how quirky it may be.  My wife gets on me for playing it so much.  Happy holidays to all.