I found a free digital plugin that is worth sharing. digital to vinyl.

Sam here again and I have been on a quest to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl, which to my ears sounds different (better) than new remastered vinyl and a lot better than digital audio, to my ears. In an earlier post I could not describe exactly what that sound difference was? However, I knew it when I heard it. As an update I found a Very old vst plugin that someone made, and playing around with the settings I hit the jackpot. Works with PC both 32 & 64 bits + Mac.

is a photo of my settings for downloading pic. http://u.pc.cd/urlctalK

Here is the download link for the free vst filter. https://fullbucket.de/music/freqshifter.html

When applied to digital audio it recreates that sound from vintage vinyl that I could not describe in earlier post. Not sure what is going on with the filter? However, I know that sound when I hear it. Here are some before/after audio sample’s

beach boys - wouldn’t it be nice (50th) digital download flac 16/44 http://u.pc.cd/8hr

beach boys - wouldn’t it be nice (50th) digital download flac 16/44 vst applied http://u.pc.cd/autctalK

The difference is very subtle but to my ears, I can really feel the music. the audio has a creamy sound to it.
Sam,  I listened to a bit, and my impressions of the VST are that it adds some interchannel crosstalk -- which makes the hard panpotting in the recording less annoying and the sound more realistic -- and it also has also a little cut in the HF at around 8 kHz or higher, which removes some sizzle from the vocals. I may hear more when I listen further. Does any of that sound like what you hear?

P.S. Weiss Engineering offers a "vinyl emulation" filter in their costly DAC 501/502 series. It's an intriguing idea for those after the "vinyl" sound.
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Sam here and I now know a filter that recreates that sound I'm talking about its called adaptive azimuth alignment. It's part of isotope rx5 advanced audio editor. I have no idea what it's purpose is, however when applied to digital audio it reproduces that sound I hear with vintage vinyl from the 1970's. When I listen to new remastered vinyl it does not have that azimuth sound like 1st press vinyl. It's like a slight Phasey sound between stereo channels here is a photo.  https://postimg.cc/HVxwzTwx
thank you mike_in_nc for your expert advice. here's before/after sample.

commercial digital download http://u.pc.cd/ol8otalK

azimuth applied. http://u.pc.cd/J4h7