I found my new reference album

If you haven’t heard of Allison Russel you can be forgiven. She has only become known in the last year. Her most recent album is called The Returner. The album’s production value is astonishing and her music is beautiful. The instrumentation and vocals, heard on great equipment, will blow you away. Just FYI.  


Thanks for directing me to her earlier works. You can see her progression to where she is today. While the production and recording quality of some of her earlier work is not on par with the most recent album, her trademark layering of instruments (even clarinets with violins on country-sounding songs) and the surprising transient vocals and guitar riffs and the use of some technique that emphasizes her voice through both channels and the introduction of French lyrics is just so satisfying! A real treat for the ears. 

Thanks @aldermine i just bought it on discogs.  I didn’t even stream it first!  Living on the edge.  Thanks for the recommendation and I’m really looking forward to hearing her.

Wow, just listened to the first two tracks from The Returner, what a talented artist. Thank you very much for the recommendation - I'll be picking (at least) this one up on vinyl.