I got a stylus cleaning kit for, but---------

But I dont know if I can use it on my L2 Benz. According to a recent post, liquid stylus cleaners should not be used with a cantilever that has a hollow tube. The liquid could migrate up the shaft and weaken the cantilever structure. I received an Old Pickering cleaning kit as a present. I currently have a gel type cleaner from Extreme Phono. I dont know if its cleaning it good enough. help please. Thanks. Mike
I'm another big believer in the Magic Eraser. I've been using it since I first read about it 1-1/2 years ago. I have a removable headshell and an 8x photographic loupe magnifier, and it was easy to see all the gunk and fuzz that had accumulated, and how effectively the ME takes it off.

It also showed how essential it is to brush off the ME dust after cleaning, because the ME leaves little abrasive white flecks all over the stylus and cantilever. I use one of the brushes that came with one of my cartridges and the magnifier verified that it brushes this residue right off.

The ME is such an effective DRY stylus cleaner that I can't help chuckling at all the expensive--especially liquid-based--audiophile stylus cleaners out there.

Buy a 2-pack of Magic Erasers and cut one into 1/2" x 2" x 1" prisms. Hand 'em out to your friends at your next Audiophile Society meeting.
I Sixth the ME for stylus cleaning. Nothing comes close at any price.
Yes, Mr.Clean Magic Eraser , a soft brush including a magnifying glass and Mag Lite at time's for thorough inspection's after heavy use.

And while I have the opportunity.

I would like to past along a Thank You to Dougdeacon and Nsgarch for all their "hard work and contributions" over the year's here in the discussion section.
I've been a ME covert as well, but I do wonder? I wonder what the real worth is of LAST Stylast?

I used to use this on a Cartridge now gone, never noted any detriment, never had failures of stylus leaving the cantilever, but let's say if one applied Stylast before every side of LP. Will it remain long enough to proove a benefit? Believe me, I'm all for seeing a Stylus last eveen a few hours longer than it might have without it.

The question is, what are the pros, and cons? In other words, willthe microscopic coating of Stylast smear the best available sonics, and will it offer any better longevity to a Stylus? I appears to me, there might be these two trade-offs. Mark