I got a stylus cleaning kit for, but---------

But I dont know if I can use it on my L2 Benz. According to a recent post, liquid stylus cleaners should not be used with a cantilever that has a hollow tube. The liquid could migrate up the shaft and weaken the cantilever structure. I received an Old Pickering cleaning kit as a present. I currently have a gel type cleaner from Extreme Phono. I dont know if its cleaning it good enough. help please. Thanks. Mike
Yes, magic eraser for me too. Cheap and effective. I use 1"x1/4"x1/8" strips. Back to front then lightly on the sides. These pieces are flexible enough that it's hard to apply too much pressure but can still hear the slight gritty sound as it scrapes crud off the stylus. Camel hair brush then to remove any potential abrasive fibers. I would never have come up with this on my own. Thanks Doug Deacon.
Mark, it's been years since I read any of the Last literature, but I seem to recall the Stylast was pitched as a product that was compatible with records already treated with Last Record Preservative (I don't remember what their logic was, but profit is always a good guess ;-)

Diamond styli are laser-polished now, so it would be impossible to guild that lily! And I do recall someone (with a jaundiced eye even yellower than mine!) saying that even if the stuff worked, it would be gone from where the stylus contacts the record, after half a revolution . . . . .
I remember when Doug started the ME revolution. He even sent out free samples to a bunch of us, and I've been a convert ever since.
Woah up, there! For the sake of domestic tranquility let's give Doug the well deserved credit for having the smarts to not let Paul get away! So let's induct Paul and give Doug an asterisk. :-)