I gre out of Be Tweeters

I was at a bar the other day (well probably yesterday .... hahahah)

In any event, I was discussing how much my taste in beer has changed. I started with lagers, especially Mexican brands. Then I became a Guiness snob, and then I went over to IPAs and Belgian Abbey-style ales. Now while I can tolerate a lager, I can't stand a Belgian white at all. 

What makes me think of this here is tweeters. There was a short period of time when I thought I loved Be tweeters. I've grown completely out of them. I don't particularly like the "affordable" diamond tweeters either. I'm done.

What about you? Is there a technology you liked  earlier in this hobby and now have turned completely against?
I agree you can make a pair or triad of drivers sound bright, or dull or bassy or boomy with the crossover, but I also think drivers can bring a lot of character to the design.

I was speaking of drivers that don't have any inherent issues.  Of course, if you have some garbage drivers then there are only so much the xover can fix.

The cone material is only one aspect of the overall driver design and the "character" of the sound. So to simply lump all Be or Diamond or Al or soft domes in a category greatly oversimplifies each design. Also, as others have said, the tweeter is 1 of 2 or more drivers delivering sound to your ears. The crossover, cabinet type and material not to mention the room (and commonly lack of adequate treatment) and equipment all play a role in what finally reaches your ears.That said, IME the vast majority of tweeters (and for that matter speakers) aren't showcased with remotely how they can sound primarily due to the room size and again, lack of adequate treatment. That beaming Titanium or Be tweeter might just be your first reflection point's untreated wall and / or your sub - par source, amp or preamp...
Anyone got extended listening experience with hard-dome horn-loaded tweeters (hdhlt)? Some Klipsch or JBL models maybe?

Characteristics across different tweeter ’types’ are on my mind as I shop new standmounts. ’Be’ tweeters are in at least a few speakers on my short list, as is one (non-Klipsch) hdhlt speaker. I mostly listen to classical at low to moderate SPL. Closest sidewall is 4-6’ from right speaker and room has no treatment (in case it matters wrt reflection).

With respect to hdhl tweeters I found this helpful: https://forums.audioholics.com/forums/threads/why-do-horn-loaded-tweeters-resolve-more-detail-than-c...
I agree that implementation, that is, how a driver is designed with a particular technology, AND the crossover's matter a great deal.

What I probably should have said is, I grew out of the sound qualities I heard from the first Be tweeters (Focals) and really from ribbons as well.

There are horrible AMTs. I like good AMTs.

Based on the specs, I think I'd probably really love to listen to the SB Acoustics Be tweeters too.

I also like some affordable ring radiators a great deal.
BE tweeters are quite bright in my opinion, much prefer a silk dome....
Beer, can't drink Molsons (I am in Canada) Coors etc....all that highly processed stuff. Buy beer  brewed by Big Rock Breweries here in Alberta....very nice ales and pilseners...