I had a few drinks and bought some speakers, I've now sobered up

Ok, so I purchased some Sopra 2's two weeks back and was throughly excited to own them. They came in a few days ago and look just beautiful. The problem is, I don't feel like sonically they are that much "better" than my 1028's. Visually I'd take the Sopra's any day. Sonically they sound good but:

 Sopra 2's sound (too) laid back compared to the 1028. I'm honestly perfering the 1028's as they have snap and feel a little more in your face. The higher mid bass frequencies feel better blended with the upper frequencies. 

The upper frequencies did feel harsh at first but settle down and some placement helped satisfy that. But it still it doesn't feel blended. The top frequencies are more clear and the mid bass is more pronounced and clear, but not as blended. 

I'm listening to punk, classic rock and experiential music and feel the 1028 is the better performer. I feel wrong for saying it, but it's true. Any help or advice or are these to be put up for sale as I'm expecting?

(Gear: PL Dialogue Premium pre/power, Clearaudio Concept Wood, Hana EH, Musical Surroundings Nova III, nice cables. 13x9 small bedroom with first reflection treatment)
Drink when listening to the Sopras and sober with the 1028s. If that doesn’t work call 330-253-8181. That’s the phone number for AA .lol
LOL clearthinker!  I've never heard Moabs and would love to, but that was funny
Are you using the 4 ohm taps on the PL. The Sopras are much harder to drive then the 1028. I had 1038s with PrimaLuna and when I went with the Sopra 3 I ended up selling for a high current solid state amp. 
@mmcelyea yeah I'm running them off of the 4 ohm tap. I ran the 1028's at 4 ohms as well. Well it may be amp season next....and I was just about to upgrade my Audioquest cables again...
Maybe its better you picked up speakers while drunk, rather than some Seahag at the bar, that at the time looked gorgeous, but then reality set in when you sobered up and woke up beside her...😁