I hate biasing!

I have owned the Audio Research Reference 75 for close to a year now and do not foresee it leaving the system anytime soon.  BUT...I am continually challenged by lining up the biasing stick with the screw associated with biasing each side each side of the amp...If you own this amp would appreciate any shortcuts you have found which streamlines the time it takes to correctly position into the screw.

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I now own the Carver Raven 350 Tube amps. Though the adjustment is on the back and the meter is in the front. One adjustment and all tubes are set.

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Try biasing  a pair of Canary M 350 monoblocks. Screws like on the inside of a watch and not Philips heads either. however, I wouldn't trade them for anything under 40k.

 You should be using a plastic bias adjustment tool and not a screwdriver. If you are using tubes that are properly matched, you should not have to adjust the bias much once the tubes have initially settled in.

 The ARC Ref amps are very easy to bias. There are a lot of more difficult amps to bias. Look at some of ARC's older tube amp designs.

Once I get the plastic bias tool into the podemeter adjustment screw the biasing is a snap.  Just can take awhile to get the plastic tool into the relatively small adjustment.  I am typically biasing ever 4 to 6 weeks.