I Hate Moving

Regardless of looking a little dumb for posting such a topic, I was wondering if others had advice when it comes to moving a stereo from one apartment to another. My landlord died a couple months back and I received a letter from the estate attorney telling me to vacate the house that I’ve been living in for eight years. The apartment I’m moving into is actually nicer but smaller and I’ll have someone living above me. My amplifier weighs about eighty pounds and the two power supplies and battery take up a good amount of floor space. I do have the original boxes for everything except my Quad 2905 ESL’s, which I wrap in bubble wrap and carefully lay on an inflatable mattress in the back of my SUV. This method works well, I did this whenever delivering the speakers to my Quad technician. Anyway, it’s just a pain.


When my wife and I decided to finally renovate -- i.e., gut -- our house in 2021, I had to make one of the most painful decisions in the history of my hobby: getting rid of boxes of magazines. GRAMOPHONES from the late 70s on, TAS  and STEREOPHILE from the 80s on. The GRAMOPHONES didn't hurt as much as I had expected because I have every issue available from 1923 on through my digital subscription. The others? Yes. Still, it was painful letting go.

Well folks, everything has been relocated to my new apartment. I’m sore, tired and relieved all at the same time. Now I have the dilemma of setting up my stereo and Quad 2905’s and I need to make it happen with considerably less space than I had before. The ESL’s are going to be tricky because I can’t space them eight feet from the back wall as sometimes recommended. Anyway, I believe I can make it work. And thank you for all your kind words.

Your moving problems may be solved, but now you'll have to deal with the neighbor above you. He may not be in love with music as much as you are.

Good luck...

@mr_m Yeah, wish I had a great pair of headphones. Neighbors are moving in on August 1st so we’ll see.