I have $2000 to spend on speakers.

I currently have Spica TC60's and a REL Q100 sub to augment the bass. My front end for music and movies is an Arcam DV-139 mated to a Transcendent Audio Grounded Grid tube pre amp and Conrad Johnson MV-52 tube amp. The room is 13x20 with hardwood floors completely uncarpeted. My system is on the laid back and warm side. It suits the music I listen to which is predominately classical. Also, it works well in my acoustically live living room. What I'm looking for are full range speakers that don't need a sub are relatively easy to drive and have a high WAF.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Have a look at the ERA D14 series. On the low end it shakes my couch with the right music. Veneers are flat beautiful and well matched. My wife like the looks enough that she not only was OK with them out from the wall but grills off as well. I would also call them neutral/warm-ish.
May be just a tad more used, but Von Schweikert 4Jr's. Adjustable tweeter on back helps match to your room. Great with both SS and tubes.