I have a blue book question

I’ve been tasked with selling my deceased step father’s vintage audio system for my mom. I’ve been able to find values for everything except the subwoofers. They are a pair of Duntec IB 20s with a crossover. I believe these were made around 1986.


 The entire set up includes a Quad 98 preamp, a pair of Quad 405 100 watt per channel amplifiers, each driving two of the stacked Quad ESL 57 electrostatic speakers and 2 Duntech IB 20 subwoofers with external crossover unit. Chase RLX-1 audio line switcher for up to six inputs. Custom built speaker and sub stands. My step dad built large pipe organs for a living. He made the stands himself. He loved this system so much. All the components work. The subwoofers were reconed last year. Any help pricing these subs and crossover would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hard to say. They are a good name, but very old and not too common. It's good that you have the crossover though. I'd say ask for 1k and see what kind of offers you get.

The ESL 57's should be worth a fair amount depending on condition. I see a few pairs for sale in the $3-4K range. You can always check www.hifishark.com for used prices on current and past sales. Obviously condition of the items is very important at that age. And condolences on the loss of your stedpdad allicat.,

these are unique, niche items, I would not stick to the bluebook concept too much. Even in the US, there may not be more than a handful of people looking for them at any given time - meaning people who would pay a fair price. Time is your friend, if you are willing to wait 60-120 days, the right buyers will find your postings.