i have a mcintosh mc275 what speakers to choose?

I recently purchased a MC275, and I am currently using a Silverline Sonata MKI, I kind of want to upgrade, I am currently looking at a Von S. VR4-JR. I like vocal,jazz, piano, some classical... Some r and b. Which speaker to I choose?
one of the best all purpose amps ever made. pretty much 'any' moderately efficent quality speaker you can think of.
Hi. I have Vandersteen 2CEs (86db)and they sing with my vintage mc275. That is my experience and others may disagree.
I went to a dealerships after hrs party in Nov. A lucky customer won a Mac275 thru a raffle. It ran very cool and was hooked up to Wilson Sophia II's. In the other room I heard the top of the line B&W speakers 14,000. with tweeters that cost the company 1,200.00 each. The Wilsons blew them away. Just had a much nicer softer sound. I could not beleive how cool that amp ran. I was told the II's have some improvement over the I's, but everyone that owns Wilson Sophia I series loves them.