i Have owed Krell FPB600 for about 7 years est.

should i trade for Krell monoblock, will it be great improvement, vinyl 95%, CD 5%.
I am looking for a stereo FPB 600(due to space) or I would look at monos.I have talked to several people who had/has both side by side and the monos definately have better control of course,better bass and imagining,which is exactly what we strive for in upgrades.
I used to have a FPB600, and because of my relocation to another country where voltage is 220v, instead of 120v, I had to reluctantly sell it.

You should have contacted Krell. There is a 100/120/220/240V AC voltage switch inside the amp.
Well I had the FPB600 for a long time before I upgraded to the FPB650M. Although technically it are the same power amps the difference was unbeleivable. The 600 sounded broken next to the FPB600. But you should better buy an FPB700CX which plays better again than the monos.

The new generation Krell amps has better resolution and better mids.