I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters

I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters and all seem to be pricy considering the value and appearance. But what if there was an answer that cost virtually nothing and you had the option to choose a multitude of designs and capabilities?
Glass is probably the best Neutral choice and what do we have in abundance. Used glasses (Goodwill). There are so many options around and possible just waiting one more day you can find exactly what you want and even if you don't like their choices there are options at stores that go far beyond what the High End Audio vendors offer. Here are a couple of examples:





For those that think this is HOKUM, take a brand new fully charged Car battery and set it on a concrete floor overnight and tell me how well that works out for you.



On the other hand, I am glad to see the numerous free-thinking minds chiming in here with their DIY projects.

Free thinking?


Most Audiophile upgrades offer such small advantages and the expense you pay for any one of them can be exorbitant, but with a little big or mental exercise, you can at least make sure your system has the best advantage with a minimal cost.
I will again suggest either glass (#1) or Ceramic (#2) as choices for lifters as glass is the least reactive.

What is the definition of reactive?
Chemically, direlectic constant?
what is it, and what are the numbers?


The only thing I am not sure of is whether the amount of lead in the glass makes a difference. I would think Low Lead to be the best but I have been proven wrong before and this opinion is made with Little thought on the subject. YES, ALL GLASS has some lead in it.

This is sounding like an alchemy lesson, or bent over a cauldron?

My question: Assuming you believe cable lifters make a difference (and I do) what is the cause? Are they preventing transmission of floor borne vibration, eliminating electrical or magnetic interference from the floor/carpet or eliminating conduction to ground? The answer will determine the best construction of the lifter.

@macg19 Integrated Amp sorry. Working with our engineers this week lots of acronyms….