I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters

I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters and all seem to be pricy considering the value and appearance. But what if there was an answer that cost virtually nothing and you had the option to choose a multitude of designs and capabilities?
Glass is probably the best Neutral choice and what do we have in abundance. Used glasses (Goodwill). There are so many options around and possible just waiting one more day you can find exactly what you want and even if you don't like their choices there are options at stores that go far beyond what the High End Audio vendors offer. Here are a couple of examples:





I use glass insulators. You know the kind that go on poles by the railroad tracks. I don't hear a difference in the sound but my system isn't high end (resolving). I figure, if they prevent popping from the static I create shuffling around in my socks..it might help. Mostly I don't have to bend over and move them to vacuum (not like it happens all that often but..). It does prevent the heavy cable from sitting at an angle in the wall or component. If it provides a better connection that has to be good right. Besides, they look cool. Stop sniveling about what other people do. Unless your a PHD electrical engineer and studied the effect, we just don't know. Maybe the practical side is to try different stuff and have fun doing it. Now chill out and listen to some music.

Although I have heavily shielded cables (GroverHuffman.com), they are sitting on 5/8" 90 oz plush nylon pile rug which claims to be anti-static. I use rubber pucks as lifters (like the audio technica ones from the 80s) under the 16’ runs of speaker cable. It makes a slight but noticeable difference, similar to that of a display defeat on CD transports. I tried pegging the cables to the wall but that didn’t sound as good. I suspect many types of insulators would accomplish what I needed, to get the cables off and above the carpeting. This is in a high resolution system so in a moderate end system, it might not be noticeable.

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@pprocter Im re-posting an interesting link from @invalid that addresses your question…



Thanks for sharing that again. It made a believer out of me. It definitely won't hurt anything either.

Being a firm believer in my own ears, I'm going to make some DIY lifters this weekend and give them a try. Not that it'll change anyone's already formed opinion, but I'll post the results yea or nea.




Excellent! Look forward to hearing the outcome. I think cardboard X’s with rubber bands across the top will produce a very positive effect if you have a sufficiently resolving system.