I Just Don't Hear It - I wish I did

I am frustrated because I am an audiophile who cannot discern details from so many of the methods praised by other audiophiles. I joke about not having golden ears. That said, I can easily discern and appreciate good soundstage, image, balance, tone, timbre, transparency and even the synergy of a system. I am however unable to hear the improvements that result from, say a piece of Teflon tape or a $5.00 item from the plumbing aisle at Home Depot. Furthermore, I think it is grossly unfair that I must pay in multiples of one hundred, or even one thousand just to gain relatively slight improvements in transparency, detail, timbre soundstage, etc., when other audiophiles can gain the same level of details from a ten dollar tweak. In an effort to sooth my frustration, I tell myself that my fellow audiophiles are experiencing a placebo effect of some sort. Does anyone else struggle to hear….no wait; does anyone else struggle to comprehend how someone else can hear the perceived benefits gained by the inclusion of any number of highly touted tweaks/gimmicks (brass screws, copper couplers, Teflon tape, maple hardwood, racquet balls, etc.) I mean, the claims are that these methods actually result in improved soundstage, image, detail (“blacker backgrounds”), clarity, bass definition, etc.
Am I alone in my frustration here?
I have to agree, over the years I have come to realize that
as an audiophile, I am subject to the power of suggestion.
Sometimes the difference is so glaring you can't deny it, but other times especially on higher end cables vs. cables in the same price range, I strain to convince myself. Some say snake oil but I am thinking more along the lines of self hypnosis. But the adventure is in seeking those minor improvements, one step at a time.
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I hear some, I don't hear others. Consider yourself very very lucky.

ex. I cannot hear differences in many speaker cables but I can hear many differences in interconnects
Not alone. I rarely hear differences from the small tweaks you mention. Setting my speakers on isolation blocks made a difference but the 2 inches difference in height was probably the reason.
My experience is the opposite of Imin2u's concerning ICs and speaker cables. Very little difference, if any, with ICs, while some speaker cables have made me sit up and notice. Have yet to hear a difference with any power cable change. This I attribute to clean power into my room. One of these days I'm gonna sell the PCs I've collected.
Don't worry some people are more susceptible to the power of suggestion that is all.