I just inherited 800-1000 CD's and a lot of them are filthy

I looked at the list, but I didn't see anything  new.  Does that mean that eyeglass cleaner or Dawn is still the best way to go?  I have the Novus  kit for the scratches, and a bunch of old tee shirts.



Use paper towels at your own risk. Cloth is best! I bet you're glad you saved those old tee shirts.
Microfiber is absolutely the way to go.  Avoid paper towels, tee-shirts, tea towels, cotton, linen, etc.  I learnt the hard way with previous pairs of spectacles.  A couple of large microfiber cloths are inexpensive, they dry easily, and they are washable.
Wash them with dishsoap. If alot of them are scratched badly and it’s worth it to you to save them a two wheeled bench grinder, two jeweler’s buffing wheels and compound works wonders. You have to be careful or you will burn them with too much pressure.
I used eyeglass cleaner and it removed most everything. I think what's left might be fingerprints that after 20-30 years are permanent. I've played a few and I can't hear anything out of the norm. Maybe I'll try the Novus and see if it removes the marks, and if I can hear a difference.