I just returned my second defective Manley Chinook

My first Chinook(bought in 2012) was replaced because of numerous pops and hum.Returned replacement Chinook today because of occasional pop and hum from right channel. Manley is going to change out the main circuit board with the latest.This has been very disappointing and I will attempt to return or sell the Chinook after it is returned to me.How should I handle this with the on-line company that sold me the Chinook?This is not a knock against Manley or their product.
When I purchased the Manley I told the phone rep that I would be willing to spend more for a Herron phono but was told Herron worked best when used with other Herron gear.
From everything I have read on Audiogon this does not seem to be the case.
This was my first experience with tubes and it was disappointing so I was thinking about going back to a solid state phono possibly Pass Labs XP15.But I enjoyed the tube sound so still thinking about the Herron.
I am 64 years old and I want this to be the last phono amp I buy so I want to make sure I make the proper choice.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
My system is VPI Classic One with Lyra Delos.Amp and pre-amp is Jeff Rowland.
Shakey, if you scroll down you'll see that the complete kit lists for $1250 with MM only. MC input option $375 more.
things can happen. I'm assuming you replaced the tubes to make sure that's not the problem.

I wouldn't sell it. At least if you want tubes. The Chinook is the biggest selling phono stage we've ever had. In fact the most popular I've sold in 38 years of selling hifi. In January alone we ordered 30 of them, believe it or not.

The factory is incredible and unlike many brands they have real engineering. The Chinook and Steelhead are so good because Manley understands that category as they make the gear that makes the records happen.

I know it's hard to imagine a dealer telling somebody NOT to spend money. But it's the truth. If I were keeping it at $4k or under, I've never heard a phono stage that sounds better.

One more thing: If you do keep it, make sure to do some tube-rolling, especially with the two 6922's in the rear as they have the most influence. And you don't even have to spend a lot. Try some Philips PCC88's in there. Fabulous. And cheap.
"Shakey, if you scroll down you'll see that the complete kit lists for $1250 with MM only. MC input option $375 more."

Yes I saw that. But you mentioned a built preamp. I didn't see the price for that option.

Quicksilver, Herron, Manley. Three good companies that have been around for a long time and deserve our support. There's no need to be critical of any one of them in order to support either one of the others. Same is true in spades of K&K.
Shakey, Kevin charges if I recollect correctly $400 to build a Maxed Out. Since this kit is less complex, I assuming he won't charge more than that, maybe less. If you need an exact number you can call Kevin.