i just want everyone to know..........

i had gone back and forth and heard the pro’s and con’s of a power conditioner. even talking to many manufacturers and  some one high up at shunyata that sells them, and he told me if you just get a dedicated outlet that’s all you really need.. and that is what I had. lighting hit my box the other day and since I leave my amp on 24/7 I was advised to get a good power strip. it made sense, so I purchased the furman pst 8 for $94, for immediate protection. right out of the box did it change my system characteristics, better detail, better dynamics, better sound stage/image, better everything. I immediately ordered another one for my wifes system. it has a coax for the cable, don’t see much difference there. its big, solid and seems well built, please look into this at this price point, just trying to inform the masses......
Yes, we all know. To say this is old news doesn't do it justice. And yet.... some guy at Shunyata actually told you a dedicated line is all you need? Really? Was it Caelin?
That Furman power strip is a good one! I own 2 plus a 1200 Niagara. Garth Powell helped to design the 8 socket furman strip, as he used to work for Furman., so I’m not surprised it sounds good. Also running dedicated 20 amp circuit using 12 gauge romex installed by mua...saved me money and its freakin easy....audioquest NRG duplex receptacle installed and an Audioquest Thunder 1 meter power cable running my Sugden A21SE class A, as well as my Marantz Reference PM 14S1....sounds damn good to me....Audioquest X3 power cables for all the sources, cd, sacd, dac, etc...I got a Furutech and a cover plate put away for a rainy day....maybe I’ll swap that in to see if there is any difference.....its fun to play. Can’t wait for my Tannoy Legacy Eatons to arrive from Scottland, that should be fun!
Ok, I'm going to chime in.

I recently bought a Isotek Evo 3 Sirius and one High Fidelity Cable MC-0.5.

In the Evo I have plugged in the MC-0.5, Integrated Amp, Dac, CD Player, Phono Preamp and TT.

Overall, I feel it has made a positive impact. A bit deeper bass, sounds richer.

Is it a mind blowing difference? No.

But it has made my experience more enjoyable. 
This is my experience. I live in a city, and it really made a positive difference when I got a PS Audio Power Director 3.5, my first power conditioner/surge protector. The most immediate effect was that I now had smoother highs as compared to the grainy treble I had before I got the power conditioner. And my system sounded more dynamic. Yes, I do believe that when one is living in an area with noisy/dirty power or when there is no exclusive outlet for the audio and/or video gear, one will benefit from a power conditioner. However, even if I did not need a power conditioner, I would still use a surge protector for peace of mind.
My Furman definitely made a difference. I really would rather not use a conditioner/protector, but we have serious storms in the summer. The Furman does a great job. I might have my outside box done as well this year to protect the entire house. 
I had wired at my box a Siemens 100 k volt surge protector 
that blocks even small spikes at your breaker box and has led monitoring if a indirect or lightening strike happened .i have owned 2 now in seperate homes well worth the effort $300 including installation bought on Amazon with a substantial warranty.
for wall units the black ice surge protector,conditioner Ask for Audiophile version 8 outlet around $300
and was a rated class B item against 2 units $1500, they work well
i used them on a 2 systems for several years before installing theSiemens at the breaker box.
after a spike took out my Vandersteen amp, I got a whole house surge protector and never a problem.   I found in my system all power conditioners change the sound of the system, but always had trolls I eventually couldn't live with.
I won a Panamax MR4300 a few ago. I wouldn't call it a conditioner but more of a surge protector. However, it also monitors voltage and will disconnect when voltage goes above or below its threshold and reconnect when voltage falls back in line.  I also use it as a master switch for the rest of my system. I've been thinking recently about upgrading to a conditioner. One small quibble I have is they're just so damn expensive! (and ugly).
Almost all my components are into a Furman line protector.
  The exception are my amps, I only plug them in and power on the night before a jam session.  
  Everything else in on Furman.  

  Both my systems use Furman protection, not some Uber pricey unit, just a slightly above average model with great surge protection, and auto shift off when house voltage gets too high.
kennesaw:  I am a total novice to audiophile equipment, but after on-line window shopping I got that same Furman device.  I wondered if such a reasonably priced surge protector would be sufficiently clean and protective given the $6,000+ I’ve recently spent on a few pieces of audio equipment.  But, I just wasn’t convinced that I needed to spend another $2,000+ on a PS or other touted power solution.  Until my ears become educated enough to be bothered by the sound pollution that comes with this Furman, I’m satisfied with my status quo.
Buy high quality AC outlets copper gold plating is the best, a 10- 12 dedicated circuit ,and isolated ground which means insulated then grounded on the copper grounding buzz in the-breaker box. This makes a dramatic lowering of the noise floor.idid this recently money very well spent.
Surge X  all the way!! Pro gear you can buy used for the price of Furman made in china stuff, just saying....
It does not matter where it's made as long as it's made well.you would surprised how much stuff is made in China. It is usually well supervised by the design and manufacturer team despite where said product is ultimately assembled. 
If you want a real power conditioner, GIGIWATT. I own the PowerPrime. Not cheap, but YES, they work. 
I use a 30 amp dedicated circuit.  It is in my ex-laundry room, which now is my equipment room.  The speaker wire runs through the wall behind this stuff. The transformers in my amps can draw 2000 watts, so a standard 15 amp circuit is out of the question, and a 20 amp dining room, kitchen, garage, washer, is not enough.  If your amps have small caps and/or do not have regulated power supplies,  a power conditioner can emulate such for your system.  My amps have 16 26000 mf caps (4 per channel, bi-amped),  with the 4 500 watt trannies, plus a chip regulated supply, so it is not an issue.
bob540, I had kicked it around for some time, like I said.  glad I got one, well satisfied....

audioman58 I got 2 from music direct some time ago,  they do work well.  
kcroyals, then this might be what you need, I too had the same problem, but 94 dollars is a good price for such a well made product......
geof, here in ga, we are going to whole home surge protection soon, mandatory.  was told this by my electrician friend.