I like Steve Guttenberg.

I’ve known this guy’s name for years, but I only just started watching his You Tube stuff and I find it really entertaining. He’s a real quirky, NY, Woody Allen type who attempts to offer some sane, balanced advice, but aside from that, I just find the presentation fun to watch. He also broaches some common audio BS like "it’s all about the music" and stuff like that. Just take a look and have a good time.

I guess I am just old fashioned.  Being Armenian, I could never have long hair as it is way too curly and wirey.  For that reason, I have always kept my hair short.

I watched I think 3 of his u Tube videos and I didn't care for his style, but that is just 
I like his stuff and the style in which he presents it. Not sure why some of you are using this public forum to make judgmental comments about his person. He’s doing a great service to you and your hobby.
Ok stereo5, also being of Armenian descent (100%), hope all is well. but I did let my hair grow out a bit