I love sad music

I'm talking about music that when you're feeling down will make you feel worse. I don't want uplifting or inspirational. Some of Chopin's more melancholic works can do it for me.  I don't listen to country, but George Jones singing "It's a good day for the roses" is about as sad a song as you will find. Leonard Cohen's "Alexandra leaving" is another sad song. I have everything Davis and Coltrane recorded, so I'm looking for recommendations for the most beautiful but depressing music you've ever heard. I want to hear a violin, my favorite instrument, that will bring tears to your eyes. I know this is a strange request but some of the best music comes from dark places. Thanks
The sound track from the Red Violin - most of it. My wife hates this. 
Dave Mason - Alone Together: World in Changes, Sad And Deep As You. Making me more sad since 1970. 
Pretty much anything by Patsy Cline or George Jones.  Then there’s the whole genre of Blues.  Oh, and anything by Townes  Van Zandt.
I was going mention Leonard Cohen. Good call. Much of Nick Cave's catalogue is melancholy as well.