"I'm a believer"

I’ve been around high end audio for a great number of years. I have had the opportunity to hear, at shows, at audiophile friends homes and at audio shops, a great number of high end speakers: old and new, from the low, to the ultra megabuck price ranges. I’ve heard very, very expensive speakers that didn’t sound so good to me, and then, I’ve heard vintage speakers or relatively affordable speakers that just knock my sock off. In all my personal experience in this great hobby of ours, IMHO, there is no other item in high end audio that fall under the "Rule of Diminishing Returns" like loudspeakers.

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Diminishing returns can suddenly materialize and bite you in the ass - just look at EV's now. Same with audio equipment which is always subject to unforeseen technological displacement. You hear lots of cheerleaders now touting the demise of class A and AB amps in the face of GaNFET's. They may suddenly gain enough momentum to cause a feeling of diminishing returns for everybody in possession of outmoded technology or what is perceived to be outmoded.




Since pricing seems to be so arbitrary, I don’t see how anything can be deduced from MSRP.

If you leave the 80k speaker as is, and just change the people invovled in it’s design, manufacturing and marketing, it could be a 40k speaker or even a 100k speaker.


Everything in high end has diminishing returns, DACs, cables, speakers are just part of it. 

All engineers don’t have the same IQ/aptitude level...( In some cases, Daddy might have paid for the engineering degree and got him in the engineering frat).

You can dump all kinds of cash on a dumaZ engineer and he ain’t getting anywhere with it....got it boys? 😁 ...After he hits his cranial limits, he may make sht look prettier for you as you dump more cash on him and that’s about it....you can convince yourself psychologically (fake it all day long) thereafter.

"Ya get what ya paid for!" doesn’t apply with the dumaZ engineer. Returns will get diminished out the wazoo with such dudes. This seems to be an extremely hard concept to grasp for all the retired accountants around here (audiophilibeebeebooboo, eh?)..

Now, when you dump cash on a smarty art engineer, he may get somewhere with it...

Good Luck.