I'm a bit lost...

I will change my speakers soon, i own a pair of Talon Raven C.
I REALLY like them but want to get better performancies, especially in the medium.
The Raven are really ok but i know that i can get more air, a bigger soundstage.
I don't want something that sound thin to get that result.
Also i want to keep really good bass.

I have a budget around 10.000$.
So far i kept on my shortlist the following (used) speakers :
Avalon Eidolon
Talon Firebird
Wilson Watt Puppy 6

So if you heard those 3 speakers (or 2) let me know what you think.
By the way i'm open to other speakers if you think you know one that compares nicely with the 3 above.
Tabl10s : i rent my house and will move soon, and move again after 1 or 2 years, i want to improve my speakers, not my room.

Jeffreybehr : unfortunately the Quad will not compare more than 5 seconds with the Talon in the bass...

Bigkidz : the Raven's position is already ok, i'm not a beginner ;)
They are a bit more than 3 feets away from the wall and just toed in a bit as you describe.
My powercords are better than the big Shunyatas in my system, i tested both.
I also have a power conditionner (Audiophile APS) so power is not a problem here.
My Ravens are 1 year old.

I wonder if someone directly compared the Ravens and the Firebirds...
The Firebirds are in a different ballpark versus the Ravens. Everything you like about the Ravens but better and they have the mid-range that the Ravens lack only in direct comparison.

Hope this helps

Ndeslions, actually I spoke to Mike at Talon yesterday and he has a new speaker coming out that he says is better then the Firebirds for less money. It uses 2-8" drivers instead of the larger woofers in his other designs.

I'd call him if you get the chance.