I'm beginning to wonder...

Alright, so I have read previous threads about misspellings and poor grammar in Audiogon posts, and I have even joked about it myself in one thread a long time ago. In fact, while I was poking fun at a misspelled word in the thread, I misspelled one myself and was called out for it!
What I am beginning to wonder about is what percentage of Audiogon members speak (or write) english as a first language. Almost every day, there is a classified or a post that is nearly unreadable. The strange thing is that the post will be answered by several readers with no mention of the poor writing. It is so common, that I am wondering what pecentage of regular members are living in the USA. Does anyone have an idea?
Of course you are right Viridian. All that I am saying is that if someone like myself, who spends way too much time reading about all of this stuff can't make sense of the numbers, it's almost like telling an inside joke to a friend in front of other people who have no idea of what you are talking about.
What's a DQ10 or an MC275? Are they American things? I'm one of those foreigners not in the U.S., although I did visit the U.S. once in 1983. The border guard asked me why I was entering the country. I said it was because the guy driving the car woudn't stop to let me out before we reached the border. Boy, was that the wrong thing to say. Those U.S. border guards don't have much of a sense of humour. I was so traumatized by what they did to me I haven't tried to go back since. My native language is English by the way. I spell words wrong sometimes.
Well i do not think The USA is the place you go to hear English being spoken at its best....Shall we start with George W. Bush?
Perish, not parish. The phrase is, "Adapt, or perish."

Grammar is only half the battle; vocabulary is the other.