I'm blown away by the Sonic Impact tripath amp.

I am listenting to it and it's a great amp. What really surprises me is the bass control. There is no boom but a tight, well controlled impact. Guys, It's for real. Believe it or not it sounds better than my Vecteur Club Six. Should I sell my Club Six? Every indication says that I should.

Hey Pete LOL!!!! Man you have to hear this with a 12 volt SLA battery power supply and all the unnecessary parts removed.
I will have to bring up the Clari T Amp sometimes so you can really get your mind blowed! You don't have to convince me..I already know!
By the way Vinnie is adding two subwoofer outputs to mine. I should have it back by Wednesday of next week.

Good Listening!
Tell us more of your impressions.

What speakers are you using with it?
How does it compare with the other digital amps like the Panasonic XR-25 and XR-45?

Do you really think it is better than your Vecteur, or is it just the unbelievability of it being good for such low bucks that is overwhelming you? That's a critical assessment. If it really is better, then this has to be the "buy of the century", for $39. I'm thinking of making an HT setup out of these amps, with efficient single drivers all around, and a sub.

Yes, you read that right. Me, "Mr. Single Ended Triode" is thinking about trying these. I like good "bang for the buck" stuff, and it seems like these would be cool for an HT setup, and possibly allow me a venue for digital listening to my CD's again, as well as my HT.
If you like the liquidity of triodes, you need to check out the ClariT. Think of it as a tough inner-city SET, wearing leather, but obviously in touch with its female side. To be honest, the ClariT, now fully burned in, makes tube topology inadequate for my listening. Speaker control from hell. What battery power does for attack transients has to be heard to be understood. Realistic, not overstated, exaggerated, overhanging, bloated bass. Once your ears become accustomed to this sound and this level of Control, for me, there is NO going back.
You are hearing a properly designed PWM amp. Nothing more nothing less. I know because I own one (PWM amp, different brand) for two months now. As you move up on the ladder (I am referring to the Rowlands, ICE H2O, ARC, Channel Island, Hypex UcD, Bel Canto, eAR, Carver,etc. except Panasonic or JVC, etc. which IMO sound nasty), the sonic performance will overwhelmingly surprise you. I do not know why, but my PWM amp gets better as I logged more time to it.

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