I'm FINALLY finished: new 2-channel system

Well, I did it. I'm not sure I did the right thing by ditching home theatre in favor of an upgraded 2-channel but it's done.

Old Home Theatre system:

McIntosh MVP851
McIntosh MHT200 Receiver
B&W Nautilus 804, HTM2, SCM1
Velodyne sub-woofer

New system:

McIntosh MVP851
C2200 Preamp
2 MC275 Mk IV monoblocks
Tyler Acoustics Super Towers
No subwoofer

Hopefully, the new system will be a HUGE improvement over the 2-channel sound I got with the old HT system because I sacrificed 3 channels and a sub for it.

Please tell me I did the right thing. I'm having HT-partum blues.
Pookie - I dropped HT in 1999 and missed it for about 1 day. I can't tell you how many laser discs I bought and only watched them once. For those that enjoy it-great, but it was the easiest thing I've ever walked away from. Hope your experience is the same.. As the title of your thread says you are "finally finished", might I suggest that you now stay away Audiogon, Asylum, etc. :)
I dropped high end HT about 3-4 years ago and I couldn't be happier. I still have a very modest HT setup (though nice by Best Buy standards), but to be honest, I don't use it much.

Think you'll love the new system. But, no reason to dump home theatre except for cosmetic and space considerations in my book. The home theatre part of a system does not have to be and "end game" system. Add an inexpensive HT processor like a Sony or Technics (100 to 200 used), a Gallo Due for the center and a pair of Micros for the rear. Use your two channel speakers for the F/R speakers. I've done this a couple of times with my all tubed system and it works out just fine for movies and TV with dolby digital.

I just plug the home theatre stuff in when I want to use it; for serious stereo listening it simply gets unplugged.
I agree with Krelldog and c123666 in that it is very possible to do both reasonably well. A system that can perform really well in stereo but also be adequate for HT is what is needed in my household and using a high quality integrated with HT pass-thru is a workable solution. Of course, my kids are watching a movie right now and I'm crusin on the Gon instead of listening.
Thanks for the responses. I wish I could keep both but I don't have the space for the receiver and speakers. I already changed my DVD player settings to 2-channel to "train" myself and find that I'm not missing much. Anyway, the C2200 arrives tomorrow and the speakers in 2 weeks. I'll post a follow-up on the new system after I get it set up and broken in.