I'm frustrated with people who don't ...

Sorry for a long post...
Recently I was at a 3-day meeting out of town for work. For an evening activity we had a cook out at a colleague's house. While there, we gathered around his deck and a small fire in the back yard. I found myself in a group of 6 guys discussing hobbies. I mentioned my love for audio and began to describe my system and music library. Almost instantly, I was "pounced" for believing that any "hi end" component is worth the money compared to anything else one can buy from Best Buy. "Digital is digital" one guy stated, "an $89 player is as good as anything else out there". I attempted to defend my position but in no way was I able to convince anyone. I told them the next time they're in town, I'd have them over to my place and let them hear the difference, but I know most will not acknowledge the quality of sound. Footnote: I've known these guys for 3-5 years and they are professional level headed guys, I wasn't bragging, I made no grand statements that my system is better than anything else, I just talked about my interest and brought it up when they asked me. The icing on the cake was their disbelief that my system can only play one CD at a time... "you don't have a carousel on your CDP?" Man, I was frustrated.

Nikon 8700 is very good if you are thinking of cameras in the price range that Olympus 8080 falls. The software part Nikon wins by a big margin compared to all the others in the line-up. I use Nkion Digital Camera as well and have used other software bundled with different brands, I found the Nikon View software the best. Fuji Cameras are popular only because they are value for money cameras not necessarily in the same league as the Nikon. I am sure Albert will confirm my point of view.

Albert: you are right about Ziess, shame on all of us who forgot that brand.
It's Leica all the way...until you reach Hasselblad!
And both use Zeiss optics exclusively!
Film v digital: if you're after quality its film!
Even Hasselblads 22megapixel digital back doesn't even come close 35mm, nevermind the 60mm it is supposed to replace!
And if you never listened to an analogue mastertape (stereo on 1/2inch tape or 24track on 2inch, both running at 30ips) you don't know how good audio can be.Moral: Digital can be convenient and it is cheap, yet for pure quality it still lags far behind!
Someone I know who attended PHOTOKINA and he mianly uses Nikon film gear. He said the for film the days are numbered as he was surprised that for the first time there were no transparency film developers at the Photokina. Everyone was into digital. Another friend of mine who is also a film user said he was watching some documentary on Telly and they were giving comparision of the resolution of film and digital, the digital actually beat the film!

From the two different sources I can gather that truly the days are numbered for film.

I still don't know why Nikon came out with this F6 though!:)
All of my friends and relatives used to nod their heads indulgently wheneaver I talked about audio, just like the guys you described. Then, last weekend, my wife held a surprise birthday party at our house and invited everyone over.

Within 5 minutes of each guest arriving, they would gravitate to my system and start asking what brand of gear it was, where I got it, requesting to hear different cd's, etc. It was fun watching their ears being figuratively openned for the first time as to what a non-Best Buy rig sounds like.

The problem is that so few people have ever experienced a well-matched high-end rig that they take it as an article of faith that all gear sounds the same. I know the folks who came to our party don't feel that way anymore.