I'm here for the enthusiasts, not the snobbery

Couple of threads have shown up lately. "Should you be an audiophile if you..." either have a certain type of gear, have a certain amount of money, or don’t make your own.

I personally reject all of that. I’m here for the enthusiasts, and those who suffer. That is, people who are enthusiastic about listening to music via electronics and those who are suffering with problems who need a little help. That’s how I try to build a community.

Also want to point out, again, that this hobby was built by hobbyists and tinkerers. The range included backyard self-electrocuting iconoclasts to scientists in acoustics and electrical engineering. I’m happy to welcome them all.

Laslty, I want to say something about the Porsche metaphor:

1 - All Porsches are ugly. This is an indisputable fact no one wants to talk about and means all debate needs to stop right there.

2 - Any motorcycle is more fun and exciting than any car.

Thank you for reading this and I’m glad I had a chance to nip these conversations in the bud. << evil troll laugh >>
I agree with "eric_Squires", I think that he said it best. My regards to all who wish to be involved with Audio, the equipment, the science and engineering, and most of all the music.
I’ve always thought the early year Porsche Cayman had beautiful lines and years later purchased an ‘06. This was its first year of production, which is typically a no no, but after reading Road and Tracks review which commended Porsche getting the bugs worked out first (probably on their Boxster model) and the 06 Cayman being rated dependable with low rate of unplanned maintenance, i pulled the trigger and bought one over the internet. Ive enjoyed the car tremendously as my daily driver for over 3 years now with no repair issues. That brings to mind a question; has anyone experienced regret buying a new audio product from its first year of production?  I suspect not. 

I don't know how we got on to motorbikes, but I'm afraid I hate and loathe them. As many will know, surgeons call them donor cycles. Doesn't
matter how great a cyclist you are, just how many other dopes are driving around you.

I stopped to help a lad in his early twenties a few years ago. He just skidded on gravel at low speed, but into a road sign. A high thoracic fracture and in a wheelchair forever. What a dam waste.

Porsches are only ugly when they’re sitting still. When they’re running they are a thing of beauty, provided you’re driving. It’s easy to get killed at those insane speeds but I’ve enjoyed a good long life. Let her run.....
Maybe it’s the virus, although personal attacks had been on the rise before the Covid 19 outbreak.  Social distancing has led to the decline of being social.
@Erik-I think you would have been better, not to have mentioned motorized vehicles.  I’m sure there are other sites, where car and bike enthusiasts can talk about their interests.  It would be nice to stick to the subjects this site is about.