I’m in trouble

I just sold my classD power amp that produced 140 and 300 watts at 8 and 4 ohms, respectively.
I have speakers that are :
4 ohms producing 92dBSPL and 6 ohms producing 87dBSPLBat 2.83 v input!

I listen at low levels in a 12’x14’ cave to jazz and chamber music

No tube gear ; I live in So Florida!
integrated amp would be great!

Prime use- mask my tinnitus!

The best integrated amp that I have heard recently is the Mark Levinson.  It is a new design that ML hired to make the new amp.  Pretty nice for SS and I am a tube guy.  No it does not sound like tubes!  But pretty natural nun-the-less.  Find a b class for under $6K - or let me know and I will but you in touch with a dealer.

Happy Listening.
You are my target market!  I sooo wish mine was ready :-)  But I'm now in volume-production-subscontractor hell.
Interesting place but a time consuming quagmire
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