I’m in trouble

I just sold my classD power amp that produced 140 and 300 watts at 8 and 4 ohms, respectively.
I have speakers that are :
4 ohms producing 92dBSPL and 6 ohms producing 87dBSPLBat 2.83 v input!

I listen at low levels in a 12’x14’ cave to jazz and chamber music

No tube gear ; I live in So Florida!
integrated amp would be great!

Prime use- mask my tinnitus!

Buy 2 used Jeff Rowland Model 12 monoblocks. Class AB. 350W into 4 ohms. Least expensive option for the best result. 

Easy peasy. You win!

How do I know? That's what I have into my 4 ohm, 92.5dB Mezzo Utopia's. 
I just ordered a Peachtree 150 which will power my speakers-it’s 150 into 8 and 200 into 4 ohms. I spoke with tech support at Peachtree and they have perps with my speakers and the 150 that are satisfied.
i went over this amp carefully and ckd the
specs with tech support at Peachtree.
I was exhausted searching the web and speaking with Ill informed staff at various sellers! Also the way in which equipment data is reported is pathetic! I wish I did not fully comprehend the electronics and the measurements- I would be better off! I would be plug n play!
when I lived in Evanston Illinois and north of NYC I had great audio salons to go to with knowledge people! Buying gear was effortless and a pleasure! Where I lived in Westchester county we had two excellent dealers in a tiny town !
Not now!
Thanks for all you guidance!
Gosh, Larryro2,  I read all these post's and again.. and a 3rd time..  I guess your covered now since you ordered the PT150 and all yur ohms are figured out too?

Wish I woulda got involved earlier on in post's, It truly is Exhausting. 

I would have asked:
How much money do you want to spend in Total?

Room size, I think you said 12x14?

Do you do, vinal, CD, Streaming, and yur type or favorite music and listening level 95% of the time? in dB I suppose?

Condo, high rise, or?  and just one dedicated listening room or with the possibility of expanding into other rooms?

Anyway, I guess all your solution set questions are answered?