I’m in trouble

I just sold my classD power amp that produced 140 and 300 watts at 8 and 4 ohms, respectively.
I have speakers that are :
4 ohms producing 92dBSPL and 6 ohms producing 87dBSPLBat 2.83 v input!

I listen at low levels in a 12’x14’ cave to jazz and chamber music

No tube gear ; I live in So Florida!
integrated amp would be great!

Prime use- mask my tinnitus!

...*phew* S/E FL and a small room......

I'd stick with D, but choose carefully...A/B allows lots of opts, but the btu's will rise relentlessly....

Tinnitus with chamber music...*?*
Well, I hope you're 'tuned in', more or less in key....

No AC in the listening space?!  IN FL?!

* 'sotto voce'  I'll bet he's that guy that mows his lawn @ daybreak in his Speedo on Sat. mornings....
You wake...you look outside....hope you're still dreaming, back to bed.

Spend the next hour hoping for a 'minor accident', 'cuze you basically like the guy, BUT....😖😒😣

...as D. Duck once raved:

"Flesh 'n Feathers can take No More!"

Just a tease in a minor key....;)  Good luck, and enjoy. 
@elliotbnewcombr.....I'm big into matrix-type controls, so the Chase strikes me as a good option for what you suggest and ran....

Personally, a linked-in eq for me handles room eq and minuit db adjusts

I'm all A/B for the most part...a little D, here 'n there.

Computer fans on the A/B, but I'm Definitely not in FL. *L*
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