I'm looking for a big new LCD or projection type

flat screen TV....

Here are my choice:

1. SAMSUNG HLT5687 56in DLP Projection HDTV...1080P, contrast ratio 2500:1....'Very sharp flat screen TV when compare to Sony SXRD 60in.(KDS60000).

2. Sony SXRD KS60000 60in. ...DLP, 1080P, contrast ratio 10000:1 etc.

3. Sharp Aquos LC52D82U 52in. LCD flat screen....1080P, contrast ratio 10000:1 etc.

4. Sharp Aquos LC52D62U 52in. ....1080P, contrast ratio 1500:1 etc.

Which one is a better choice ???

NEW 1080p 58 inch. flat panel LCD from Panasonic or new 1080p Samsung 47 inch.LCD with 15000:1. These would be my choices in 4 large price range. New 47 inch LCD 1080p from Vazio or Westinghouse if your are on tight budget.
I would wait and do a bit more research on the LED backlit LCD. You want a high contrast ratio? How's about 500,00.00:1 ?. DLP will eventually go away except a few big size like 72" or 73". The retail price of these dinosaurs has dropped drastically and so is the retail price of the Plasma. Some company as Toshiba has stopped making the DLP. Mits still have some 65" to 73" DLPs untill their Laser tvs debut.
We have the Aquos LC52D62U and are delighted with it. There are some better spec numbers out there but the 'D62U looked better than anything we saw at a large Best Buy store with the exception of a couple of super big Pioneers in the $7500 - $12,000 range which impressed me as "equal" picture quality as the Aquos. Our in home experience with this TV has been as impressive as was our showroom experience...Ultimately, I suspect the individual preference factor for these devices is quite similar to that with higher end loudspeakers - what impresses one may not be as impressive to another. I'd have a look at each of these units you're considering in person and up next to one another if possible. As with audio, what's visually most "musical" to you may or may not depend upon spec. numbers so much as what the experience provided in real time is like.
Samsung is best banmg for buck (you pay bit of premium for Sony's nice styling).I'd go for any of fist 3.See the reviews at CNET and PC World.
I would go with the Sony because it has a great picture and it's bigger. 52" to 60" is a pretty large jump and I think having a larger picture adds a lot to the enjoyment. Of course you don't say what your distance is, or if you need a flat panel (I don't). Someone else mentioned the new Mits DLP units which are also worth considering (again not flat but up to 73".)