I’m looking for suggestions for a tube Pre Amp

My Current System:

Benchmark USB DAC1
NAD M3 Integrated Amp
Vandersteen 2CE

For a long time I was rocking a Wavelength Brick USB Dac (which is a tube dac) as my source component, but have now moved to a Benchmark DAC1 USB. I like the idea of having a tube somewhere in my system but I don’t really think I can afford to maintain a tube amplifier. That being said, I’m considering adding in a nice tube preamp then use my NAD as a power amp only (and potentially moving away from the integrated NAD at some point).

Can anyone suggest a moderately priced Tube Preamp that would complement this system well?
VAS (Cayin Distributor) Citation I. This is a knock off of the HK unit of yesterday. The design then and now is outstanding.
There is a Manley Shrimp listed right now for just over $1100. That's a very nice preamp and no it's not mine. I have the Jumbo Shrimp.
@Slappyjam: The preamp in the DAC-1 is very good. I actually like it better than going through my BAT VK-51SE. Why don't you give it a try. It doesn't cost you anything.
The Jolida Fusion 3000 preamp retails for $1299. You might consider a tube integrated amp. A Rogue Cronus is in the ballpark of your preamp budget, as are many of the Jolida products. Topping out your budget, for instance, would be a Jolida JD801BRC (70WPC). Also, with an integrated, you will avoid having to spend part of your budget on interconnects.
01-06-13: Wilsynet
For a smidgen more than 2K, you can get a used Modwright LS-100 for around $2200.

I believe you would be very happy with it.
+ 2. The LS-100 is a very well engineered preamp. It is warm and lush sounding & Dan Wright is a great guy to deal with to boot. Best of all, if you get the upgrade bug in future you have an easy upgrade path to upgrade to 'SE' status.