I'm Looking For the Best

I've been sitting on the fence, but now I'm willing to go whole hog and grab the golden ring atop the mountain in the clouds in the house upon the hill. I want the BEST. Not just in your opinion the BEST, but in absolute fact the BEST. Price is absolutely no object. I have terminal audiophilitis and the MDs are only giving me a few decades more to live, so I'm going to splurge. I want something that blows away the competition. I want something that immediately announces to the world that it is the BEST of the BEST. It should be designed by the best engineer and contain the BEST parts. It should remove veils, peer deep into the recording that the musicians see me sitting in the room looking at them play and have so much musicality that Sondheim writes his next score specifically for it to perform.

Any suggestions will be appreciated, but the BEST must have a direct input for an iPod.

Thanks in advance.
Just pick up any old copy of Stereophile, every single month they hear something that is better then ever before.
Hell' tracks that they have heard hundreds of times reveal new hidden joys monthly....just every 30 days you will have to buy something new but how cool is that!?
Maybe thats why Wilson's are on Microwave cart casters... perhaps it is so at the end of the month you can wheel them out to bring in the next big thing,.... or maybe its because they are heavy.
You are obviously smokin' the BEST (state OK'd pain relief, I'm sure! and I'd just like your connection with phone #!
Ohhhhh.....just go ahead and post it HERE for ALL of us!
Hello on highway sixtyone, sorry about your diagnosis, but i would get a second opinion from another doctor, if it is indeed true, and you can afford it, go for the best of the best, why not. I am surprized no one has mentioned the best of the best. Lirpa Labs is by anyone's standard the best of the best. They will also install and tune your new system. Definately the best of the best for someone in your position. Good luck and hang in there. One note, if i have anything to do with it, none of us will be around in a couple of decades, and no child will be left behind. Best wishes, George W.
Idea :

Find a booking agent and have a favorite live band play everyday of the week in your listening room.

You can flip back to your amplified rig during intermissions to get a reference comparison and ask the musicians if they think your class A rated or not !!

Don't be suprised if they tell you to hit the highway !!

If this happens, cancel future bookings and start over again by reading the review conclusions in older Stereophiles.