I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building

I am fortunate enough to be getting kicked out of my dedicated audio space 12’x16’x9’ to make space for the kids to have separate rooms .I am remodeling a stand alone building on my property.The dimensions are 16’x24’x9’ with 10"thick cement floor.I am open to either treating and painting the floor or a floating pergo style floor ( no carpet ) with floor rugs .the walls are drywalled 2x6 construction insulated with redwood board and batten exterior, above the ceiling is insulation with open attic area(which I could add more insulation). As a few of you know I am fully off grid and generate my own power thru solar and gen backup into large battery banks then inverted to my house etc.The only furniture per say will be three reclining chairs etc .I will transfer a lot of my treatment panels and add more as needed. Also I will be trying to set up a humidity and temp control for this room when not in it, I was thinking 60deg 60% humidity .thoughts?
Any tips or thoughts are appreciated .
Thank Ray

I still will have my home theatre setup which is pretty nice in the house also so i’m stoked .

oleschool OP
.I am remodeling a stand alone building on my property.The dimensions are 16’x24’x9’ with 10"thick cement floor.

Seeing your still in the design stage, think of this that I posted (below) on another thread, it IS the prerequisite to get great imagining and depth perspective to your sound staging, to even outside the speakers.
Nothing between as far back as possible (except amp on the floor) also nothing behind or outside speakers if possible for 1.5mts or more.

Rack buyer
I’m quite aware of what negative effects occur with the rack in the middle, between the speakers. Unfortunately I suspect,
like myself, most don’t have the space or the the means to place it off to the side.
Me: It is the single biggest killer of sound staging and depth perspective, it makes a hiend sound into midfi, because there’s no artist to place and see with your eyes.
If you can’t put your equipment rack to the side, maybe the behind you, or as I did in one place that allowed it, the next room.

Cheers George
curious ? my system will be on the 16' wall any distance from rear wall is fine.i am in a tighter space now so I have full range treatment because I am 2.5 feet from side wall .This room I can easily be 3-4ft and the same from rear .If I follow the not in center lead what about reflection issues if I place it on side wall? I can go no more then say 10'-12' up side wall .thats easily a 20' cable run .I am eventually switching to Vac monos in a yr or two and will upgrade my speakers this spring (yes I have some favorites ) but until I consider that as far as I want to run and pay for that length of cable . I know I know ,but i'm comfortable there . Since i'm on concrete 10" thick my main concern in not floor issue but vibration from speaker ,given it is closer in the middle now .

I have the grounding very well done, overdone I also run a some stuff now it works great .The power I generate is imo far superior to standard pole electric ..As for treatment those panels are only 12" wide the larger one is a bass trap . my speakers are like 2' from side wall and my ceiling is wood 1.5" thick .It gets a lot of slap echo and was just super bright .After I did this treatment the rooms sounds much larger actually .

This is where my brain is headed for the floor.

The walls are 2x6 contruction already in and insulated and drywalled .The ceiling is also drywalled and insulated , with attic space is open above. It has redwood batten board siding .I was an outbuilding built on my ranch .I is very well constructed .

I can update as I go but I am afraid of boring people with construction pics lol. But I will if everyone is interested its pretty beat up inside now . Luckily my father in law is a drywaller .I am going with all led of course for me but with a lot of recessed lighting and lighting for my framed music goodies I have collected for yrs . reflections or not I have waited too long to not have all my band art in one spot .I will sacrifice that im sure my beat up old ears won't mind but my brain will enjoy the art .the audio will be directly wired from panel to independent breakers for amps etc