I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building

I am fortunate enough to be getting kicked out of my dedicated audio space 12’x16’x9’ to make space for the kids to have separate rooms .I am remodeling a stand alone building on my property.The dimensions are 16’x24’x9’ with 10"thick cement floor.I am open to either treating and painting the floor or a floating pergo style floor ( no carpet ) with floor rugs .the walls are drywalled 2x6 construction insulated with redwood board and batten exterior, above the ceiling is insulation with open attic area(which I could add more insulation). As a few of you know I am fully off grid and generate my own power thru solar and gen backup into large battery banks then inverted to my house etc.The only furniture per say will be three reclining chairs etc .I will transfer a lot of my treatment panels and add more as needed. Also I will be trying to set up a humidity and temp control for this room when not in it, I was thinking 60deg 60% humidity .thoughts?
Any tips or thoughts are appreciated .
Thank Ray

I still will have my home theatre setup which is pretty nice in the house also so i’m stoked .
Its a free standing building hundred and hundreds of ft from my house and far from a neighbor (acres).I will post updates it will take awhile bit its happening .
That's pretty ironic Ray, not everyone has a sauna. Both you and I do! First project after building my log home was a 8'x12' sauna on the back deck. Been using it almost everyday for over 20 years. On my 2nd heater, Swedish made Tylo. BTW, for a speed test on Viasat, just search speedtest.net and hit go. It will tell you your download, ping, and upload. use Ookla, just hit go and it will give you the numbers. Take care..
ok I will ,My sauna is a freestanding building all cedar holds 12 friendly people .Harvia wood stove with rocks I do hot or cold . Did one 2o minutes ago lol. my house is timberframe with 8" solis log walls 
Mine is  Western Red Cedar. Trouble with Eastern Cedar the knots seep sap and it will burn you. I have 2 benches, I should have built 3. Wow 12 people! I'm trying to think if I even know 12 people! LOL!  I do 20 min a day, and sometimes go back in after a cold plunge. I was going to go 8'' log walls for the house but it was a lot more money. I have square logs 6" thick. Health benefits of sauna are off the charts. Let me know your download speed with Viasat. Take care...
@ OP
For whatever it's worth, check out my house of stereo system. Also a stand alone room with similar dimension. You may found some info to your liking. Have fun with the process.