I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building

I am fortunate enough to be getting kicked out of my dedicated audio space 12’x16’x9’ to make space for the kids to have separate rooms .I am remodeling a stand alone building on my property.The dimensions are 16’x24’x9’ with 10"thick cement floor.I am open to either treating and painting the floor or a floating pergo style floor ( no carpet ) with floor rugs .the walls are drywalled 2x6 construction insulated with redwood board and batten exterior, above the ceiling is insulation with open attic area(which I could add more insulation). As a few of you know I am fully off grid and generate my own power thru solar and gen backup into large battery banks then inverted to my house etc.The only furniture per say will be three reclining chairs etc .I will transfer a lot of my treatment panels and add more as needed. Also I will be trying to set up a humidity and temp control for this room when not in it, I was thinking 60deg 60% humidity .thoughts?
Any tips or thoughts are appreciated .
Thank Ray

I still will have my home theatre setup which is pretty nice in the house also so i’m stoked .
Thank you @oleschool. When I purchased my home two years ago, I intended to build a 20’ X 25’ X 14’ high dedicated listening room attached to my home by a breezeway on my large lot. However, the City of Los Angeles changed the law on building to site coverage on RA residential/agricultural zoned lots (about 35% of the City) where only large homes are constructed on 3/17/17. This so called anti-mansionization law limited development to 25% of my lot area (20% if it had been 20,000’+). It defeated the purpose of the law by permitting 50% lot area development on 7.500’ lots and smaller and 45% for larger R1 (typical smaller than RA) residential lots. One can still build a 4,500’ multi-story home next to a 70 year old 1,200’ home; hence, defeating the purpose to prevent mansions overlooking small homes. My RA subdivision homes are 4,700’ to 8,000’ on 18,500’ lots. We can’t add a foot to our homes or use attics (mine’s a partially finished 2,500’ at 10’ to 18’ high) except for dead storage. So I ended up taking out 2 of my 4 garages.

It’s not so bad since my listening room is fabulous sonically.
@baylinor   That's the idea I had (a new structure) when I purchased my home but I knew the law restricted me to garage(s) conversion.  So I built a new structure within a structure.
classic California ,I am on ranch land in Mendocino County up north .we still have a k permit which is great .long story .

I do not it get almost a80 deg at times so sometimes I bring a portable box but I have probably five systems lol .Oh and a nice hot tub out back stop by 
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