I’m visiting Japan.

How is this hobby is like in Asia, Japan?

I really want to check out an audio manufacturer or at least an audio store over there this July.

Any recommendations?



I know Asia has many high-end audio hobbyist especially in Hong Kong.  Not sure where to look though. Maybe ask/post in WBF as they are more global. 

@nasaman that is for 100v Japan units, you will need a step up transformer for 110v.

Was in Japan bedore, you'll see Luxman goodies for cheap. They are marked up 30-40% in the US market. 

@recklesskelly the Japan trip was fun and successful… well if wife didn’t insist to buy a $200 rice cooker there (vs $300 Amazon).Sales associate reaffirmed that 100v will work in US and so we carried it all the way home. Well, display will led up but that’s about it. Water won’t heat up. Amazon sells a 1,000W adapter for $79 and a 2,000W for $109 (this rice cooker put out 1,200W)

We both disappointed because we don’t want another bulky and huge electronic piece siting behind the rice cooker. FAIL

I should consider y’all inputs and put it 1 and 1 together. Talking about lessons learn.