I Mac or Streamer for source? or is there a difference?

Should I use my iMac or buy a dedicated streamer to download music ? my "amateurish" reasoning is that I am streaming music in bits and packages of bits,  so should my hard earned  money be spend in a very good DAC versus buying a dedicated streamer? 
Just learning about streaming. Thanks for all your insights and opinions.
The biggest issue with using any PC is usually the power supply and it's ability to pollute the AC power going into your system.

I use a PC in a closet, streaming Roon over Wifi to a streamer right next to my DAC.


A dedicated streamer is usually more convenient to use from your listening seat, in your audio setup. But if you're talking about downloading instead of just streaming, then you need a storage location somewhere which usually means a computer, plus maybe network-attached storage (NAS).

There are also arguments to be made about a streamer's digital signal fidelity versus that of a computer (especially the digital output of a cheap soundcard).
Up to a certain price point there’s no difference. That price point being dependent on one’s system, and one’s ears. I started off streaming with a MacBook Pro running Audirvana, using USB out to the internal DAC on my Anthem STR integrated amp. I briefly tried a Bluesound Node 2i, but returned it as I could not discern enough difference in streaming quality and much preferred the Anthems DAC to that of the Node (MQA not withstanding). I’ve since upgraded to a Bel Canto streamer feeding a W4S DAC. This has given me a big increase in SQ, but at a sizable investment. 
My impressions of the sound quality from a Pro-ject Stream Box Ultra S2 vs a PC laptop or an iPhone running off of its battery only through three different DACs: Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Rega DAC, Denafrips Ares II:

The streamer made all three of these DACs sound better. Key improvements were a broader soundstage, more precise placement of instruments/voices, better bass definition, and a better sense of musical flow. Not sure if the difference will be the same from an iMac vs my PC laptop. Also, adding a jitter reducer such as an Audioquest Jitterbug can be worthwhile as well for more of the same benefits as a streamer provides.